Electromobility business administration
Support for operators and charging service providers
Advanced system for business management in electromobility



Key benefits
Support for independent charging station operators and charging service providers.
The right tools to provide a high level of service to your customers. The editable division of responsibilities makes the system attractive to charging station operators and charging service providers.
Software as a service or self-service. Software ready to use in minutes.
Only minimal configuration is required to start using the tool. If full control over the data is required, it is possible to purchase a licence for your own hosting.
Building complex business models in the electromobility market.
If you are a user of the system, you do not need to worry about topics related to the electromobility market. We will help you build your own business by, for instance, advising you on what conditions to meet in order for an operator to install a charging station and how a charging developer can define tariffs and payments on your account.

The system allows you to monitor the electricity consumption of members of a housing community or users of a car fleet. Importantly, it does not collect personal data — registration via RFID cards allows this. Constant monitoring of the technical condition of devices is very helpful in everyday operation.

The charger management system has over 130 functions, thanks to which it is flexible and adapts to the business model and is smoothly implemented in the organisation. Engine allows you to create subgroups, sub-networks, arbitrary paths. Any group of customers can be created and serviced.
It includes a charging and customer transaction management system according to the role of the MSP. It also has a dedicated mobile app for consumers and connection to external payment systems.

Platform Specification
Local governments
Building management
Car dealership
Independent charging services provider
Station operator
Team management
You don‘t have to take care of your charging station in person. Specify team accounts with different permissions only to perform specific tasks.
System offers the possibility of divide your network of chargers. Smaller groups can be assigned to subdivisions of your company to manage them.
Charging station management
You can check the status of your charging station. Thanks to the connection to the Engine system, most of the service will be done remotely.
Smart charging
Do you want to install more charging points without increasing the grid power? All you have to do is set a charging plan that will limit the station‘s power in a timely manner.
Use labels to freely mark the stations. This intuitive system allows for easy management of groups of chargers. With few click make dozens of chargers available for selected customers.
Provider services
Customer Management Tool,
transaction and RFID card preview
Control which users can use your charging stations. Generate reports and bills. Offer customers convenient RFID cards with set expiration date.
Mark your customers with labels for easy identification and management.
Create tariffs to increase your income.
Integrated newsletter system allows to keep your customers up to date with service policies and news.
Client application
Charging Point Map
Let your clients find your charging stations.
Payments and charging history
Register your credit card for convenient payments. As a user you have full insight to transactions history.
Fleet solutions
Thanks to Engine fleet operators can not only control charging at work, but also use employees home charger and cover his expenses.
Dynamic Load Management
Thanks to proprietary solutions, you don‘t need to worry about stability of power grid. Enelion system will adapt to conditions and provide optimal charging parameters.
Dynamic Pricing
Introduce attractive offer for every client. Encourage them to charge at specific areas, offer discounts and VIP partnership programs.
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