Delivering breakthrough
solutions in energy transformation.

We are a Polish company developing a new generation of electric car chargers, charger management software and home energy management systems. We were founded in Gdańsk in 2014 with the goal of supporting global energy transition. Currently, we sell our solutions mainly in Europe, with plans to expand globally in the coming years.
We promote the development of our employees and the organisation, and support self-fulfilment of people in all roles.
We also understand development as continuous creation of new products, and each of our products provides new benefits for the user.
It is about being in relationships, living according to shared values and satisfaction with changing reality.
We also strive to make the customer experience with our solutions pure joy.
Openness to change and the right to make mistakes.
In our company, we are able to listen to each other and are prepared to modify our views. Flexibility is a prerequisite for survival in a dynamic market.
We take responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations and for the products we offer to our customers.
We are guided by honesty and sincerity towards our customers and partners. We feel responsible for the company and our colleagues.
Design | Creativity
It is a focus on a positive consumer experience when using our solutions.
It is design thinking that identifies relevant customer needs. Creative approach to daily duties and problem solving.
Mission and vision
„Our mission is to create a global company that supports communities committed to energy transition.”

We want to achieve this by providing innovative solutions that facilitate the use of green energy in the friendliest way possible.

This is why we create easy to install and user-friendly devices and software that support electric vehicle charging and allow full control, production, storage and sharing of energy.

We share energy
The Enelion team today has almost 80 members. They are employees from production, purchasing, R&D, software, sales, marketing, People & Culture teams. We also have a dedicated team working on new solutions for the energy management industry.
Our two offices are located in Gdańsk, on the Polish seaside, a city considered an ideal place to work and live. On a day-to-day basis, we are guided by our values, sincerely believing in their power when it comes to creating an attractive workplace