10 February 2023

DLB – Intelligent Charging
Power System

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Research has shown that currently 67% of electric vehicle drivers charge their electric vehicle at home.

No wonder – charging the car on your own driveway or in your own garage is much cheaper and more convenient than looking for a public charging station. However, doing this consumes a lot of energy, which may result in the need to significantly reduce the capabilities of the charging station otherwise it might overload the electrical circuit of the house. How can you protect yourself against it?


One of the ways is DLB, a solution used in, among others, Enelion chargers. Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) of chargers in a network is an intelligent system actively limiting the charging power of electric cars, which allows you to divide the entire available power of your connection between the charger and the house in such a way that their combined total power does not exceed the upper limit. What does this mean in practice?


To understand what DLB is, let’s start by looking at the problem. We probably don’t think about it on a daily basis, but electrical circuits have their limitations and can become overloaded if too much power is drawn. To prevent this from happening, we equip the electrical power in the house with special circuit breakers that will cut off the power if the energy consumption exceeds a safe level. Probably everyone has experienced this by switching on many high energy appliances at the same time, such as washing machine, dishwasher and oven. In such a situation, we can restore the power supply, reducing the network load, i.e. turning off some devices. Unfortunately, this is often bothersome. This is where the DLB comes in, along with the EEG (Enelion Energy Guard): they monitor the load in the circuit, dynamically allocating the available energy to the charging stations, while allowing the rest of the circuits in the house to run continuously without being overloaded.


In summary, the DLB in combination with the EEG enables you to charge your electric car at home as quickly as possible using the station’s full potential and protects the main fuse ensuring that you can use electricity where it is most convenient, i.e. in your home. garage or driveway.

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