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Enelion devices are ready to
analyze in real time how your home works
in order to optimally fulfill its task.

Electromobility for your home: Smart home

Smart garage

The charger knows how much power is available

The solution is dedicated to the EV owners who have limited power in their home and do not plan to increase the connection capacity from the power plant.

Thanks to Enelion’s Grid meter system, the charger analyses how you use energy in your home. When the fridge, oven or electric heater is turned on, the charger will adjust the charging power to the available power. In short, it will protect the mains electricity supply against overload and emergency power outage.

The house lives its own life

The established rhythm developed over the years ensures harmony. When a new householder appears in the form of an electric car, this melody can be threatened. With Enelion’s unique smartDLB technology, there will always be room for new guests in your home. The charger itself will make sure that the car will not disturb with its charging the peace of mind of the household members. Even when you think there is no room left!

New quality of EV charging

Control by mobile app

Protection against home network overload

Charging with maximum available power

Remember about the others

If you have more than one car, use our range of twin-slot chargers. Depending on your needs, we will help you choose the best solution for you and your cars.

The chargers share the available power, using the available energy even more efficiently. At Enelion, however, we remember that the final decision is up to you, so we leave you free to control the charge remotely! (Available in mobile app)

Host friends

You don’t want the charger to stay unused when you’re at work or on vacation? Make it available to
users of the Enelink administration system. It’s easy to set the times when you want
to share the charger and the amount you expect to be paid for it. We’ll
take care of the rest, and your charger will earn its own money after just 12 months!*

Add new
features over time

The Enelion ecosystem is designed to best meet your needs. But we know very
well that not everyone has such extensive needs. That’s why our chargers,
offering additional functionality in the form of accessories and add-ons, give you the choice of what
you want to pay for. When the time comes, you can expand your devices with new
modules, making your home truly smart!


A wall charger which can be seamlessly adjusted in the charging power range from 1.4kW up to 22kW.
Equipped with Enelion Bridge.

Connector type: Type 2 Socket (for all EV cars)


Wallbox Duo Power

Two-socket wall-mounted charger with seamlessly adjustable power from 1.4kW to 22kW per socket. The most power available per meter of charger in the Enelion offer.

Connector type: 2 Type 2 sockets (supports all EV cars)



A wall charger with seamlessly adjustable power from 1.4kW to 22kW. The most stylish Enelion charger. Type of connector: Integrated Type 2 cable (supports all EV cars)



We also offer accessories that complement our offer, comprehensively
meeting the needs of our customers

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