Wallbox Easy

When you think it couldn't have been easier to operate a charger, there comes the Wallbox Easy.
Charge your vehicle as soon as it is connected to our Wallbox without any complicated installation – just hang it on the wall and connect it to the power supply with a schuko (for single-phase charging) or three-phase plug.

Smart garage

The charger knows how much power is available

The solution is dedicated to the EV owners who have limited power in their home and do not plan to increase the connection capacity from the power plant.

Thanks to Enelion’s Grid meter system, the charger analyses how you use energy in your home. When the fridge, oven or electric heater is turned on, the charger will adjust the charging power to the available power. In short, it will protect the mains electricity supply against overload and emergency power outage.

The house lives its own life

The established rhythm developed over the years ensures harmony. When a new householder appears in the form of an electric car, this melody can be threatened. With Enelion’s unique smartDLB technology, there will always be room for new guests in your home. The charger itself will make sure that the car will not disturb with its charging the peace of mind of the household members. Even when you think there is no room left!

It has never been easier

You park the car, connect it to Wallbox Easy and the charging starts. Can this process be made simpler?

Wallbox Easy is the simplest charger in our offer, but still retains the style and comfort of use known from Enelion products. The station does not have a screen and RFID reader, and its installation is extremely simple.

One phase or three?

Your Wallbox Easy will come to you with the right plug-in, depending on whether you prefer a single-phase or three-phase version. If necessary, you can take it with you on a journey and you will find that there are more charging points for your car than petrol stations.

Wallbox Easy

Technical Specification

  • Color
  • Charging power
  • Car connection
  • OLED screen/ RFID/ Buttons
  • Licznik energii
  • Certified MID energy meter MID
  • RCM B
  • IK class
  • IP certification
  • Working temperature
  • Networking
  • Dynamic load balancing(DLB)
  • Smart functions
  • OCPP protocol
  • Remote management
  • Settings
  • Dimensions
  • User Manual
  • Assembly manual

Wallbox Easy