Manage your charging station (or the entire station network) from anywhere in the world with the Enelion Bridge communication module. There are three ways to connect your station to the Internet (GSM, WiFi, Ethernet) so you can always be online and have full control.

Enelion Bridge – bridge to new possibilities!

User expectations are constantly rising. To meet them we have created Enelion Bridge! It’s a module that provides Smart capabilities to a charger and all benefits of Online via OCPP1.6.

See what you can get with Enelion Bridge!

See what happens when you connect your charger to the Internet and a administration system such as Enelink.

Chain to achieve more

Enelion charging terminals are useful in all circumstances and applications thanks to their wide range of connection capabilities.
Enelion created Enelion Chain allowing the chargers to:

Learn about Enelion DLB and its benefits.

Serious management

With your operator’s dashboard:

  • view the status of your Internet connection,
  • view the status of your connection to the OCPP server,
  • select your Internet connection method (Ethernet, WiFi 2.4GHz, LTE*),
  • download and analyze diagnostic information,
  • control in detail the behavior of your devices in the Enelion Chain,

*LTE module sold separately

Stay in control

Use the interface for your smartphone. Connect to the local network where the charger i is located:

  • Check the status of the charging points,
  • start and stop charging,
  • control the energy used.

Benefit from the advantage

Support for:
  • local authorization lists,
  • remote update,
  • remote diagnostics download,
  • Smart Charging profiles,
  • Plug&Charge mode.

Confirmed OCPP 1.6 compliance

Our devices equipped with Enelion Bridge module have been tested with many management systems compliant with OCPP 1.6.

Fortum, Last Mile Solutions (Ecotap), Etrel Ocean, Mobi.E, Everon, Route220, Virta – these are some of them.

However, Enelink system provides the best compatibility and features not available with the competition!

Set up wirelessly

The first configuration of the station is seamless. A device equipped with Enelion Bridge will automatically create a WiFi HotSpot to which any device can be connected.
A convenient web interface allows you to quickly go through the first configuration of the device

network management

Simple provision of chargers to tenants and billing of energy consumed in the administration system.

Optimal use of available power in the building.

Protection against network overload in an office building or parking lot.

Smart garage


Technical Specification

  • Compatibility
  • Communication interfaces
  • OCPP Version
  • OCPP Profile Smart Charging OCPP
  • New socket lock modes
  • Access to management system
  • Access to charging history
  • Local authorization list
  • Mobile application control
  • User Manual


  • All Enelion charging stations except for Enelion Easy
  • WiFi 2.4GHz, Ethernet WAN and LAN
  • 1.6 JSON
  • yes – in the management system
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes – in the management systems
  • yes
  • yes
  • User Manual