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The charger knows how much power is available

The solution is dedicated to the EV owners who have limited power in their home and do not plan to increase the connection capacity from the power plant.

Thanks to Enelion’s Grid meter system, the charger analyses how you use energy in your home. When the fridge, oven or electric heater is turned on, the charger will adjust the charging power to the available power. In short, it will protect the mains electricity supply against overload and emergency power outage.

The house lives its own life

The established rhythm developed over the years ensures harmony. When a new householder appears in the form of an electric car, this melody can be threatened. With Enelion’s unique smartDLB technology, there will always be room for new guests in your home. The charger itself will make sure that the car will not disturb with its charging the peace of mind of the household members. Even when you think there is no room left!

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)

This system allows for dynamic increase or decrease of charging power. This functionality comes in handy especially in charger networks, where power may be limited.

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Enelion Chain – connecting charging terminals into a network

We allow our devices to communicate with each other to increase their capabilities. See how to create a charger network and learn its benefits.

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For the electromobility enthusiasts – check our glossary. All useful terms in one place.

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Zdajemy sobie sprawę, że elektromobilność zrewolucjonizuje
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Z jednej strony ustawodawstwo wymagające zapewnienia dla
100% miejsc parkingowych odpowiedniej mocy przyłączeniowej,
z drugiej strony odpowiednie poprowadzenie instalacji elektrycznych.
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Consultations and training for architects.

We realise that electromobility will revolutionize the construction sector – especially apartament housing. Regulations requiring the full coverage of EV charging stations and energy grid best practises. We organize training for architects and energy grid designers – contact us at [email protected] and book your training.

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