The Enelink system enables the provision of the Operator and the Charging Service Provider services. The client can search, book and make payments via a dedicated mobile application.

the electromobility

Electromobility for business: Enelink system

Compatibility with charging stations

Extensive payment and billing system

Security: TLS and SSL encryption

Smart garage

Support for Operators and charging service Providers

The software complies with the Electromobility Act. It provides support for your tasks related to the high level of service, even if you are only a Charging Service Provider and do not have your own stations.

Building complex business models in the electromobility market

Being an Enelink system user you don’t have to worry about everything related to the electromobility market. We will help you build your business by advising you on what conditions must be met by the Operator when setting up the station, and how the Charging Service Provider can set tariffs and settle payments.

Map of charging points, booking and payment

Help customers easily find stations they can use. Thanks to connecting a payment card to your account, the system will charge automatically. The customer has access to the full history at any time.


Local governments

Building managers


Car dealers

Independent charging providers

Zone for Charging Station Operators

Managing Associates
You don’t have to take care of your devices yourself. You can separate accounts with different permissions only to perform specific actions.

The system offers the possibility of dividing the network into smaller operators, who will only have access to their devices.

Charging station and transaction management
You can check the status of your charging station. Thanks to the connection with the Enelink system, most of the service activities will be performed remotely.

Smart charging
Would you like to install many charging stations without increasing the power of the connection? All you need to do is set up a charging plan that will limit the power of your station at the right time.

All charging stations can be labelled freely. This makes it easier for you to manage the stations from a given label. Then, you can share them with users in a few clicks.

Dynamic Load Management
Thanks to our proprietary solutions, you do not have to worry about the stability of your electrical network. The system will adjust the charging conditions itself to make the best use of available power.

Charging Service Providers Zone

Client management, transaction overview
Check who can use your charging services. Prepare reports and billings related to the charging.

RFID card management
Allow users to quickly start charging with RFID cards and control the duration of cards.

Feel free to tag your users with labels.

Tariffs & Payments
Enter tariffs that help optimize earnings at charging stations.

You want your users to know about any changes in your service regulations? Just add another version, and the system will take care of acquiring your customers’ consent.

Fleet solutions
With Enelink, fleet operators can manage vehicle charging not only in the workplace. It is also possible to settle charging sessions for a company vehicle in the employee’s home garage.

Dynamic Tariff
Enter an attractive offer for each customer. Encourage them to charge in specific places, introduce discount coupons and VIP programs.

network management

Simple provision of chargers to tenants and billing of energy consumed in the administration system.

Optimal use of available power in the building.

Protection against network overload in an office building or parking lot.

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