Electromobility for your home: Connect and charge


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i ładuj

For installation convenience, you can now choose a
charger with a power cable connected to the
a power socket.

A version plugged into a regular socket is also available.

Check your socket

Easy installation on the wall

Immediate charging of the vehicle

Competitive price, same quality

Since the beginning, great design has been our hallmark. That is why when creating Easy devices we could not afford to compromise on this issue. Anodized aluminum housing and the highest quality materials make the Enelion charger a highlight of your garage.

Installation has never been so simple

We don’t want you to have any difficulties with the installation of our devices, so in this version we simplified it to the maximum. All you need is a section of a flat wall and a suitable electrical socket. No electrical installation and no unnecessary work.

At home, the charger serves you, so we’ve simplified the operation to a minimum. Start charging in one step!

Wallbox Easy 22kW

Charger for those who need the most charging power. Requires min. 32A current protection and power connector.


Wallbox Easy 11kW

Charger for those whose installation does not allow the use of larger electrical devices. Requires min. 16A current protection and power connector.


Wallbox Easy 3.7kW

Charger for those who want to power the charger from a
standard 230V 16Asocket.



We also offer accessories that complement our offer by comprehensively meeting the needs of our customers.

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