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Design and manufacture of chargers for electric cars

Software for the operators and charging service providers

Advanced charger network solutions for developers and business

The power in the designer housing

Enelion chargers are made of anodized aluminum, which on the one hand is resistant to weather conditions and vandalism, and on the other hand looks very aesthetic.

Equipping the chargers with a communication module will allow you to manage them remotely and set charging hours when electricity is the cheapest. In addition, it is possible to connect the chargers to the Enelink charging station management system and sell charging services to customers.

The charger knows how much power is available in the building

Real-time load measurement protects the current installation from overload, allowing it to maintain the same ordered power. This way, your charger will not be a burden for anyone. See solutions for your home

Control the charging
and energy charges

Your personal charger will be billed for exactly as much energy as you charged your car.
Thanks to the Internet connection to the Enelink administration system you will be able to control your charges and at the same time settle with the housing community for the energy consumed. The clear interface of the web-based management system will help you to choose the most advantageous tariff for your energy provider and the community administrator will be billed together with the rental fees.

The charger network is growing together with the EV market

It is becoming increasingly important to adapt flats, houses and workplaces to electromobility. There is also a growing legal requirement for developers who are obliged to prepare for the upcoming change. Enelion, as a team of specialists, is part of this change and we are therefore here to help implement the future.

See solutions for business

Complex business models for electromobility

As an Enelink user, you don’t have to worry about everything concerned with the electromobility market. We will help you build your business by advising you on what conditions the Operator must meet when setting up a station, and how the Charging Service Provider can set tariffs and settle payments.

Smart garage

network management

Simple charger sharing with tenants. Energy bill settlement in the administration system.

Optimal usage of available power

Overload protection in the office building and in the car park


Local governments

Building managers


Car dealers

Independent charging providers

Support for operators and charging service providers

The software complies with the Electromobility Act. It provides support for your high level of service, even if you are only a Charging Service Provider and do not have your own stations.

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